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Becoming the leader, you intend to be. The challenge all leaders must deal with is “stress”.

“The top tennis player is the one who transform her stress, (being clam) at match point (highly stress situation) and can come back after a highly competitive rally (resilience) and serve a brilliant ace when all odds were against her”.  

Would you like to learn the techniques to transform your stress, build your resilience and perform brilliantly every time?

What is the difference between a good and not so good leader? Success and failure?

Answer: The capability to manage stress effectively. 

The challenge all leaders must deal with is “stress”

“Stress” jeopardises your leadership abilities and prevent you from performing brilliantly. When you experience stress certain parts of the brain literary switch off. Your thinking becomes “foggy” and you are prone to make mistakes. You make unwise decisions. You do or say things which are not appropriate and you even lack creativity or problem-solving skills. Afterwards, when you are not stressed, you realise you could have done it differently. 

It is this ability to transform your stress “in the moment” which qualify you as an respected leader, excellent communicator and creative problem solver. 


Unfortunately, many leaders keep on pushing and pushing. They never take the time to learn how to handle stress effectively. Before they know it “burnout” strikes, and they feel overwhelmed and drained of all their passion and energy. They lose face and become a weak leader. Someone who throws tantrums, disrespect people and make foolish decisions. 

This is not something that happens overnight. It takes five-, ten- or twenty years, but when it does happen, it could be fatal. Heart attacks, strokes and cancer type of diseases are typical symptoms of burnout.

The good news is: One can prevent Burnout !  It is an investment one should make as soon as possible in your life.

Life Energy Coaching is an interactive partnership which will help you understand your specific “stressors” and how to deal with it, “in the moment” of stress.

It’s on the one side an investment you make to prevent burnout, and on the other side its an action you take to unlock the potential in you as a leader. It will empower you to be brilliant in everything you do. Like the tennis player, you can learn the techniques to perform brilliantly (to serve an ace) in any stressful situation.  The long-term dual effect – the prevention of burnout.

Would you like to know your current “burnout” temperature?

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