Do you often envision what it might be like to get things done efficiently? Manage your time effectively? Have more energy for the important things in your life? Create systems that work for you and stick with them?

During this workshop, you will not only learn the ins and outs of having Life Energy as an adult, you will also develop skills and habits to optimize brain function, maximize talents, motivate yourself to succeed, and identify the specific action steps that work best for you.

Executive Group coaching

 Increase Team performance from good to great every time.

6 x 2 hour sessions

3 to 6 people Delegates

During these sessions we determine:

  • The groups current Energy Potential (Life style Questionnaire)
  • Personality and Communication styles for a dream team
  • Group energy Draining and energy Gaining factors
  • The Emotional Landscape
  • Which physical health issues jeopardize great team performance
  • Individual  HRV (Heart Rate Variant) concerning team challenges and stressors

 What will a team person gain from this Coaching?

You will learn the life changing techniques to:

  • reduce group stress and boost creative energy
  • increase effective energetic communication
  • become an energetic healthy workforce
  • recognize and transform group stress
  • build group resilience in, after or during any stressful situation 
  • reach your full Potential and be Brilliant as a team all the time


Who should attend: Leaders and managers who want to increase their performance.

Group coaching non-executives.

12 – 18 Delegates

Doing the Right things Right – Attitude Adjuster

Who should attend: Every person. From the CEO to each and every worker. “Attitude is everything”. A bad attitude can cost a company a lot.