Worry, overwhelm, feelings of anxiousness, sleeplessness and fatigue, stressed and physical health issues, often experience miscommunications?

Life energy coaching is an interactive partnership that will help you understand your Life Energy and how the lack of it, is getting in your way professionally. Life Energy Coaching will focus your awareness on those factors which might drain your energy and help you apply techniques to increase your effectiveness. We will work together on your specific issues, develop plans and techniques, and follow up to keep you on track. My role, as your Life Energy Coach, is to engage you in a process of inquiry and exploration; work alongside you in the creation of goals, strategies, and specific actions to take; provide you with ongoing support as an accountability partner; and, to augment you’re coaching with up-to-date knowledge.

It’s different from ordinary life coaching in the sense that we focus is on your personal life energy. If you lack energy the chance that you can perform brilliantly, is quite slim.  Life energy intelligence means that one become aware of energy graining and energy giving factors.  Emotions like frustration, anger, anxiety, fear, a feeling of overwhelmness and tension are most definitely energy training factors. The secret is to become aware of how much of your time do you spend with those energy draining emotions and what you can do to plug those energy draining “holes”.

During our life energy coaching sessions you will learn strategies to build your resilience and boost your ability to take charge of yourself by better regulating your energy throughout the day. By exploring energy management concepts you will build your resilience enabling you to perform brilliantly when and where it is needed.

Of primary importance is practicing the science based techniques you will learn that change the way your body’s psychology response in stressful situations. Then, automatic stress reactions won’t dictate how you feel, response or perform, whether you’re at work or at home.