Wilhelm Lombard is the founder of Life Energy Coach. He is a Life & Business coach who dedicates himself to create a sense of “Life Energy Intelligence” in one’s personal and professional life.   His main aim is to prevent burnout!

In 2003 Wilhelm Lombard acquired a masters degree in leadership MPhill(PiPL) with the research topic “A Personal, Interpersonal & Professional Leadership perspective on chronical fatigue or burnout” . He developed 3 measuring instruments:

  • A life style survey – to determine the current burnout level of an individual
  • Company Culture survey – to determine if a company find itself in a burnout culture
  • Work environment survey – to determine employees attitude / engagement toward the workplace

Wilhelm believe “Life Energy” is most important for individual success as well as business success. He is passionate in developing, sharing and applying anti burnout solutions by helping people to perform better at all levels.

Wilhelm Lombard is a family man who was married for 32 years until his beautiful wife passed on due to cancer. He have 2 daughters, a son and a granddaughter. He lives in Pretoria, South Africa. He loves nature, camping and cycling. His hobbies are, artistic sketching, gardening & woodworking. He love traveling and always want to see and experience new places. He likes all kinds of music as long as you can hear the words of the song and it is uplifting to the spirit.

“I often don’t apply my own teaching – but when I do, it always lead to success.”

“I usually talk to myself – my audience are just listening in”