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Rate how descriptive each of the following statements are in terms of your employees.

Do not overthink and complete with honesty to ensure a true picture of the current situation.

1. Employee turnover is high – Lay-off’s are common
2. Performance is low - People are just putting in time
3. Employees are trying to actively stay away from their responsibilities - absenteeism rate is high
4. There is a lot of conflict and miscommunication
5. Lots of Rework - Deadlines are not met
6. Directives, Policies and Procedures are not followed
7. There is a lot of complaining
8. There is sabotage - People come late, go early
9. Teamwork is poor - little comradeship between staff members
10. Office politics interferes with performance – people are secretive
11. There is a sense of hopelessness
12. Threats, seem to be the best motivator

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